In Memory of Them All

20.04.2015 11:09

I was checking may email when the bad new hit me
Recently arrived, still feeling the jet lag around
The freezing reality shocked me
It seemed to be a quiet morning,
Those when the clock rings at 5 am to leave my home
And take the taxi towards the airport.

Waiting with no choice, thinking of what I leave on land
Wishing to come back with amazing stories
Satisfied, with a new experience on the back.
Another big step forward in my life.

Some reading, some emailing, some speaking
The destiny takes whatever is needed
I just wait and rely on something I don’t know
Can’t imagine the end might be so near
Better change my mind and get asleep in my musical moment.

I think of my legacy
Anyone who loves me can see me and hear me at any time
I built my own eternity for all of them, not for me, not for me.